Community First Services + Supports

Community First Services + Supports encompass a holistic approach to providing comprehensive care and assistance to individuals within their communities. This approach is rooted in the belief that individuals should have the opportunity to thrive and lead fulfilling lives within their own neighborhoods and social networks. These services and supports often cater to individuals with disabilities, mental health challenges, or other unique needs.
Community First Services + Supports may include a wide range of offerings such as housing assistance, employment training, social activities, transportation, counseling, skill-building, and more. The goal is to empower individuals to live independently, enhance their social connections, and participate actively in community life.
By focusing on the strengths and aspirations of each person, Community First Services + Supports aim to foster inclusion, dignity, and self-determination. These services recognize that everyone’s path to well-being is unique and prioritize providing the necessary resources and guidance to help individuals achieve their personal goals and aspirations within the context of their community.

What is CFSS?

The Minnesota Department of Human Services is preparing to transition from personal care assistance (PCA) to community first services and supports (CFSS). Both PCA and CFSS provide supports to people to help them remain independent in the community and are similar in many ways.

Additionally, CFSS will expand people’s choices about how they receive their services, including who can provide services, additional support for writing plans, more self-direction options and the ability to
purchase goods to aid a person’s

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